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Congratulations on making the decision to further your professional development through AACUC’s Mentoring Program. This is an important step in your career. Whether you are an individual contributor, aspiring manager, or in a mid- or senior level role, having a mentor can enhance your professional development. You will be paired with an AACUC mentor who is an experienced and thoughtful leader committed to investing his/her time to assist in your growth and development. Your mentor will share his/her professional knowledge, experience, and wisdom and act as your guide and role model.

As an AACUC mentee you will receive the support, encouragement, and guidance necessary to achieve your goals. You will gain a fresh perspective and an independent point of view, while being guided through a process that fosters your growth and development.

By completing and submitting this application, I agree to be committed to the mentoring process and program. As a mentee, I agree that…


  1. My supervisor approves of my participation in this program and will provide a written letter or email of endorsement prior to starting the program.

  2. Working with my mentor, I will set up a contact schedule that respects our work schedules and also respects the commitment my mentor has made to my career development.

  3. Using my stated goals for the year as our baseline, I will always be open and honest with my mentor.

  4. I will make every effort to attend program events, including check-in calls.

  5. If my contact schedule or skill set does not mesh with the mentor assigned to me, I will immediately notify the Mentor Program Coordinator.

  6. Upon completing the program, I will complete a short survey sharing my experience as a mentee with the Mentor Program Coordinator.

  7. I am a member of AACUC.

Have you been mentored before?
Are you available to shadow your mentor at their credit union / organization?
Will your mentor be able to shadow you at your credit union / organization?
What is your preferred method of communicating with your mentor?

Thank you for submitting!

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