AACUC Expands With a New Chapter in Texas

CU Times

On Thursday, the African-American Credit Union Coalition announced that it has established a new branch of the AACUC in Texas.

The Texas Regional Chapter was formerly under the AACUC’s Southern Regional Chapter and, according to a statement, “will further spread the message of diversity, equity and inclusion to the 425 credit unions based in Texas, including 225 low-income designation credit unions and 18 community development financial institution credit unions.”

“Since its founding in 2018, the Southern Regional Chapter has done an amazing job raising awareness of our mission and our commitment to change,” AACUC President/CEO Renee Sattiewhite said. “Texas is home to hundreds of credit unions serving diverse populations. Our board recognized the need to form a standalone chapter that would serve as a resource to those credit unions, as they serve their members.”

In a statement, the AACUC said the Texas Regional chapter’s purpose would be to provide networking, community involvement and professional development opportunities for the member base. The AACUC said it hopes the new chapter will help increase “the global credit union’s movement strength by adding the focused perspective and energy of credit union volunteers and professionals of African-American and African descent.”

According to the AACUC, the Texas Regional Chapter Executive Committee includes:

  • Chapter President: Malcolm René, President/CEO of Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union ($76.5 million, Houston)

  • Chapter Vice President: Delana Bolen, Vice President of Sales and Support, Cornerstone Resources

  • Chapter Secretary: Tony Black, President/CEO of BCM Federal Credit Union ($46.5 million, Houston)

  • Chapter Treasurer: Vashyon Jackson, Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager, Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union ($13.3 billion, Live Oak)

  • Parliamentarian: Carolyn Jordan, SVP, Remote Services and Member Development, Neighborhood Credit Union ($1 billion, Dallas)

AACUC Board Treasurer Tracey Jackson has been named the board sponsor for the Texas Regional Chapter.

“I’m thrilled to lead this ambitious group of credit union voices in my home state,” Malcolm Rene, president/CEO of Houston Metropolitan and Texas Regional Chapter President, said. “I am certain that our Texas chapter will strategically build upon the work that the Southern Regional Chapter has already done to further serve the growing needs of the Texas community.”

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