AACUC Joins the Clean Energy Credit Union’s Field of Membership & Board of Directors

Renée Sattiewhite, President & CEO of the African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) announced today that Michelle Outlaw, Chief Strategic Officer at AACUC has been appointed to the board of directors of Clean Energy Credit Union. Ms. Outlaw joined the AACUC team earlier this year as the VP of Programs and was later promoted to the position of Chief Strategic Officer. Outlaw has served financial institutions during the past 30 years with an emphasis in Lending and Enterprise Risk Management areas of Loan Review and Compliance. Prior to joining AACUC, she served as President / CEO at First Legacy Community Credit Union.

Ms. Sattiewhite also said “We are proud to announce that AACUC has been accepted into Clean Energy Credit Union’s field of membership this year and we look forward to a fruitful partnership to spread the word about the role of environmental stewardship and energy conservation in creating and enhancing sustainable communities. In particular, our lower income communities and communities of color need this type of financial support for making the conversion to green energy opportunities more accessible and affordable.”

Clean Energy Credit Union, founded in 2017, is the only credit union in the U.S. that is focused solely on clean energy lending and environmental stewardship. Every dollar deposited earns interest while helping its members to finance a clean energy product or service via clean energy loan terms that are among the best available in the market. Clean Energy Credit Union is one of the few Online/Mobile only financial institutions with no brick and mortar offices, creating and efficient and lean operating structure that benefits its members and lowers its cost of capital.

Clean Energy CEO, Terri Mickelson said, “Clean Energy Credit Union was started by a group of people who are passionate about promoting clean energy in order to protect our environment and improve our economy. Instead of starting a ‘green bank’ we chose to take an innovative approach to a proven, cooperative business model of the credit union.” Accordingly, Clean Energy was founded to propagate the multiple benefits of both clean energy and cooperatives such as:

  • Mitigate climate change,

  • Reduce pollution and improve public health,

  • Create jobs and build community wealth,

  • Promote democratic organizations,

  • Improve national security and increase energy independence,

  • Promote personal financial independence