Filene Fill-In: Learn about the AACUC's Current and Future Initiatives

Filene Fill-In Podcast

We had the chance to talk with Renee Sattiewhite, Executive Director of the African American Credit Union Coalition at CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference this year. I wanted to learn more about the AACUC, learn what initiatives they are working on this year and beyond, and better understand some things Renee mentioned to me around a data challenge this industry has as well as things we can all do to help her and the AACUC be successful in their mission. As you’ll hear, Renee urges us instead of looking at these things like a diversity and inclusion problem, let’s look at it as a diversity and inclusion solution.

In the interview, we also talk about the roots of the AACUC going back 20 years, what’s on their to-do lists for 2019, and what projects they are most excited to get moving on. Renee is especially excited about the work she’s got going on to help advance young professionals and empower women. Head to to learn more.

As I learned from Renee, when we are more intentional about the outcomes we want to have happen, great things turn out. Let’s take her advice and commit to doing the things we say we will do in the industry. To that end, on September 26-27 Filene is holding a research event called “Diverse Employees, Diverse Members: Connecting Inclusive Marketing and Equitable HR in Credit Unions” where attendees will learn how HR and marketing can join forces to put the equity and inclusion in diversity and how these efforts can foster mutually beneficial and mutually reinforcing experiences for both credit union staff and members. Renee will be joining us there so come meet her in person…register now at

We hope that you take this opportunity to start here by learning more about the AACUC and what credit unions can do to support and become more involved in the work they are doing and the efforts they are making to increase diversity in this industry. As the AACUC’s 21st annual conference kicks off in Charlotte right now, we celebrate you, Renee, and everything that AACUC stands for.