If You Build It, They Will Come: Financial Education and DEI in Today’s WorldBanking on Experience

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Givers of hope. – Sounds epic, right? But it’s precisely what financial institutions have the potential to be IF their top priorities are to listen, educate, and include.

Joining me on CRMNEXT’s Banking on Experience to discuss financial education and DEI in today’s changing world is Andrea Finley- a true rock star in her field.

No really…she was 2020’s CU Rockstar for her work in financial education. ;) She’s also the Community Engagement Manager at AACUC (African American Credit Union Coalition), a certified diversity professional, and one of the most inspiring guests I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with on the podcast.

Topics we covered include:

  • Why Andrea is so passionate about this topic

  • Common challenges she’s seen in the field of financial education

  • A family affair: making finances less taboo

  • How credit unions can help turn obstacles into opportunities

  • What DEI really means (some awesome perspective here)

  • And more

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