Inclusive Leaders in Action

Purpose of the Series

Disparate effects of the global pandemic and the police murder of George Floyd have heightened awareness of social injustices

that cost lives, health, wealth, and national vitality. As a result, many leaders have expressed or renewed their commitment to

change. But how do you transform commitment into meaningful action? What prepares you to be an inclusive leader that

meets the challenges of our time? Fortunately, we don’t have to speculate about answers. History is a wise guide.


Policy & Poetry Drive Systemic Change

Idea in Brief

Gouverneur Morris was not a governor. He was a lawyer and businessman who proposed the U.S.

monetary system of dollars and cents. He also co-founded the nation’s first central bank with $400.


Cultivating Equality: Nicholas Longworth

Idea in Brief

Rarely does one’s name fit as perfectly as Nicholas Longworth’s. Longworth made a fortune while making a difference by ‘caring about’ democracy and ‘caring for’ people that society excluded. Longworth’s keen eye for opportunity built an industry and his eye for talent advanced the career of an internationally famous African American.


Desjardins & the Power of Different Perspectives

Idea in Brief

Alphonse Desjardins leveraged the power of different pers