Mitchell Stankovic Partners with AACUC for GWLN Scholarship

Susan Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates and founding chair of the Global Women’s Leadership Network for World Council of Credit Unions, has worked toward diversity, equity and inclusion her entire career. Along those lines, the Herb Wegner Lifetime Achievement Award Winner has partnered with the African-American Credit Union Coalition to fund a scholarship to support black female professionals in their leadership journey.

“Advancing women and DEI are two issues that have always been in my blood,” Mitchell said. “They are issues I and others speak about regularly, and I believe in pairing my words with action! To offer a boost and to #StandUp for leadership development opportunities for all. That is why Mitchell Stankovic is establishing this scholarship for black professional women to attend the GWLN’s Executive Readiness Summit.” Mitchell Stankovic is also a member of and donor to the AACUC.

The Executive Readiness Summit is scheduled to take place in Madison, Wis., Oct. 28-30, 2020. The summit provides learning opportunities, networking and personal development for tomorrow’s female credit union leaders. The GWLN Executive Readiness Summit Scholarship is valued at $2,500.

“Susan Mitchell is a tremendous leader in the area of DEI within the credit union community,” Renee Sattiewhite, CEO of the African-American Credit Union Coalition. “The recent social unrest has served as a catalyst for equity in the treatment of minorities, and Sue’s generosity will go a long way toward that goal. We appreciate the opportunity to further advance black leaders in the credit union community and create even greater value and recognition for AACUC members.”

“We live and breathe diversity at the World Council of Credit Unions,” WOCCU President/CEO Brian Branch said. “Elevating women in their personal and professional lives, as well as within their communities, helps stabilize families here and abroad. We’re very happy with the announcement of this scholarship and the continued growth and support of our GWLN program.”