New Year, New Momentum, New CU PRIDE™ Logo Announced

BOULDER, CO. - Recognizing the power of inclusivity and sense of belonging, the founders are excited to present the dynamic new CU Pride™ logo that brings the credit union movement into the LGBTQ+ community. It represents the pride wave of color that has engulfed the credit union industry. It has infinite movement to demonstrate how CU Pride™ will embrace a fluid community that includes representation of black, indigenous, people of color and the trans family.

With the new logo announcement, CU Pride™ will soon be sharing incredible new educational, networking, and speaking events throughout 2022. “With over 1600% increase in social media followers and more than 1,000 engaged members, it is time for the industry to understand that authentic actions will enhance your workplace as well as bring new opportunities for those underserved,” stated co-founder Zach Christensen, Director of DEI and Communications, MSA.

The tenets of CU Pride™ are:

  1. Promote the visibility and voice of the LGBTQ+ individuals in the credit union industry.

  2. Provide a safe but brave place for communion and discussion.

  3. Encourage action by allies and social change agents.

  4. Foster inclusivity and consciousness through programs, education, and networking.

“During a time of uncertainty around the world, CU Pride™ was formed and it has been a source of support for the LGBTQ+ professionals within the credit union industry,” shared co-founder Linda Bodie, CEO of Element Federal Credit Union. “Allies have stepped in to support the community, joining hands with us to ensure no one is left behind or not supported as we all embody the spirit of the credit union mission: people, helping people.” In 2021, professionals engaged year-round, meeting monthly through the BGHH happy hours, and other events consisting of the CU Pride™ Leadership Conference, Virtual CU Pride™ Event, VySTAR LGBTQ+ Empowerment Summit, First Financial All Staff LGBTQ+ Inclusion session, Kinecta Federal CU DEI employee resource group, World Council of Credit Unions educational session, PSCU partnership in creating the Pronoun Awareness Video and CUNA Mutual Group’s unwavering commitment through co-sponsored events. CU Pride™ is part of the CU DEI Collective and has been featured at more than twenty industry events hosted by CUNA, the Canadian CU Association, the African-American Credit Union Coalition and more.

“Now is the time to become a part of CU Pride™ as our groundbreaking association will be a force in 2022,” encouraged Brandi Stankovic, Co-Founder and CSO /COO CU Solutions Group. “Strategically we are making things happen and there are major opportunities ahead to engage and promote CU Pride™.”

To learn more, become a member and ally or to sponsor an event, please reach out to Zach Christensen,

CU Pride​

CU Pride™ is the premier credit union professional association for the LGBTQ+ community. Thought leadership started in 2018 at an Underground Collision in Washington, DC and the founding partners took an idea and put it into action. Zach Christensen, Executive Director of CU Pride™ and DEI Communications Director for Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates; Linda Bodie, CEO for Element Federal Credit Union and Brandi Stankovic, CSO and COO of Strategic Advisory Services for CU Solutions activated a missing integrating of any Diversity, Equity and Inclusive initiative by bringing awareness and sense of belonging to the community. In two short years, CU Pride™ has more than 1,000 engaged members constituting professionals of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. For more information, please contact,

Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates

Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates (MSA) mission is to stand up for issues that will make a difference to a diverse world of people, the bottom line for credit unions and change member lives globally. MSA believes that credit unions have a social purpose, and its advisory services emphasize doing the right thing as good business, garnering sustainable growth and relevance within the market. Serial entrepreneurs, MSA consultants have founded industry initiatives like the Underground Movement, Global Women’s Leadership Network, CU Pride™, HRD Network and they volunteer on governing bodies of Worldwide Foundation and Credit Union DEI Collective.

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