The CUInsight Experience Podcast: Maurice Smith – Connecting the Dots

“What do you want your life’s story to say?” - Maurice Smith

CUInsight Experience Podcast

Welcome to episode nine of The CUInsight Experience podcast. Hosted by Randy Smith, co-founder and publisher of Our guest this week is Maurice Smith. Maurice is the president and CEO of Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) and the past chairman of CUNA. He is licensed to practice law in North Carolina, the District of Columbia and before the United States Supreme Court, and the author of Sowing Seeds: Life Lessons from My Father. Read Maurice’s full bio here.

The goal of The CUInsight Experience podcast is to dive deeper with the people of the credit union community and find gems from their experiences that add value to all of us. In each episode we have wide ranging conversations with thought leaders from around the credit union community. What issues are facing credit unions? What are they working on to help? What leadership lessons and life hacks have they learned along the way? What’s the greatest album of all time? These questions and more are asked and answered.

In this episode I had a wide ranging conversation with Maurice, a self-proclaimed cooperative nerd, about his idea that the time is right to add an eighth cooperative principle and the response he received from inside and outside the credit union movement. We discussed his path to where he is today and what his future holds as well as the life lessons he learned from his father and his inspiration to write the book. We wrap the conversation up with the rapid fire questions to get to know Maurice a little better.

Listen to the full episode (and tell a friend about it) then check out the show notes and full transcript below. I had a blast recording this episode. In it we get a double dose of leadership and life hacks from Maurice and his father. I haven’t stopped smiling and telling people about it since we recorded it a few weeks back. I hope it puts a smile on your face and you leave as happy and inspired after listening as I did after having the conversation. Enjoy.