The History of Juneteenth

Juneteenth, also known as the Texas Declaration of Independence, is the formal announcement of the end of the Confederacy and the beginning of the Union. It took place on June 19, 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln signed an act of Congress that declared all states in rebellion to be no longer part of the United States. The ceremony, which took place in Galveston, Texas, was the first to celebrate the end of the war. It was also the first official event on the calendar of the United States to recognize an African American as an American citizen. the celebration of Juneteenth is a way for African Americans to honor their ancestors and to remember that freedom isn’t free. It was never promised to us without a price.

The first Juneteenth was celebrated in Texas in 1865. Today, people celebrate Juneteenth by holding parades and picnics, hosting concerts and other live music, and having community barbecues. In some communities, Juneteenth is a time to remember those who fought for the abolition of slavery, while in other communities it is a time to focus on the current state of the community and its needs. In some communities, Juneteenth is celebrated with a variety of activities, including lectures, games, and family fun days.

This moment is remembered as a great moment in American history, one that symbolized the end of slavery in the United States. It is the day that reminds us of the power of our collective voice and how we can unite against a common enemy. It is the day that reminds us that we are all equal no matter where we are from and no matter what our background was. But despite the significance of the day, Juneteenth has largely faded into the background of modern American life. In schools, holidays, and other celebrations, Juneteenth is often overlooked, considered an obscure footnote in our nation’s history. But today, I would like to take a moment to remind you of the significance of Juneteenth, and the important role it plays in the history of the United States. In 2021, Congress passed a Bill making Juneteenth a national holiday.


What Is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth commemorates the effective end of slavery in the United States.


The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth

Jun 19, 2019

History Of Juneteenth


What is Juneteenth? – Juneteenth World Wide Celebration