The Underground Chat - Ideas Into Action Series for Credit Unions Continues

The Underground Chat - Ideas into Action series for credit unions continues with Gary Perez, President & CEO of USC Credit Union alongside Susan Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates and Founder of the Underground discussing new credit unions, big ideas and acting fast in 2021.

Join us as we bring together thought leadership with a true, authentic and unfiltered Underground voice and provide steps the industry can take today to #STANDUP for credit unions tomorrow.

Ideas into Action:

Think Big: Think beyond what we know we can do for members and determine how we might work together to make it happen.

Act Fast: Don't let your ideas fade. Be quick in trying something new, big or daring and bring others in to support and engage. The Underground Collision initiative is a brainchild of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates and has a simple goal. Create an intimate environment for authentic dialogue believing that the energy of focused debate will echo beyond the moment and become a catalyst for change.

The Underground Ideas into Action leverages the thought leadership, conversation and collaboration of our community to provide action steps credit unions and leaders can use to enact change and #STANDUP for credit unions and their members.

The Underground Chats were born out of a need to continue the conversation and showcase the vulnerable collaboration of industry leadership during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. For more information: