Why 8th Cooperative Principle Initiative is Significant for Credit Unions...


African American Credit Union Coalition President/CEO Renée Sattiewhite and Local Government Federal Credit Union President/CEO Maurice Smith joined us on the show recently to discuss moving forward with the 8th Cooperative Principle initiative — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion -- to make it official, rounding out the current seven cooperative principles.

According to Renée and Maurice, this initiative has been in the works for quite some time -- especially as the DEI movement has gained considerable steam over the last several years. It's time to make it official, which could happen as early as this fall.

Renée and Maurice discuss what's involved to make it official, the significance to credit unions and other cooperatives (business case for DEI), what credit unions need to do collectively to help make this happen, and much, much more.

For information, visit and there you will find everything you need to know about the 8th Cooperative Principle to educate yourself and get involved.