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Program Offerings

Cross-Cultural Exchange Program

A Peer-to-Peer Program Creating a Pathway to Inclusive Excellence

AACUC's Cross-Cultural Exchange Program is an initiative that offers participants an opportunity to step back from their rapid pace and engage with executives from distinct backgrounds. It is intended for credit union executives to connect with a peer who is on a similar journey.

Participants have the opportunity to have honest conversations and open transparent dialogues with their credit union colleagues. The communication is through informal meetings to build and enrich a relationship by learning from each other, exchanging ideas and experiences, finding commonality and common ground among participants’ values, virtues, and visions, along with creating a pathway to inclusive excellence, sharing knowledge and finally networking.

CCEP Alumni Slide (Presentation (169)) (Website) (1920 x 1080 px)

CCEP Conversations

Overcoming Challenges (Building Common Approaches)

  • What challenges did you face as a leader and what challenges do leaders face today? Does facing challenges make you/us stronger? What are the pros and cons?
  • How can we (as individuals) successfully overcome challenges?
  • How can we (as leaders in our organizations) help remove obstacles or encourage people to overcome challenges?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • What does Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mean for the future of our industry?
  • Where are we getting this right?
  • Where do we need to improve?
  • What steps is your organization taking to ensure DEI initiatives continue to advance within the industry?

Identify New Insights and Perspectives

  • Share new thoughts, ideas, articles, and insights with your paired partner
  • How would you organize and publish these ideas together?

Time Frame

The program lasts six months. Participants meet at a minimum once every two weeks. Once participants are paired, they will use their own virtual connections.


Participation in AACUC's CCEP Program is by invitation only. Past participants are responsible for referring future program participants.

Session dates and topics are subject to change. Please contact with any questions or concerns.