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The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) was created to increase the strength of the global credit union community.  We are a non-profit organization of African-American professionals and volunteers in the credit union industry.

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We are Ready to Reunite & Reignite! Are you?

"To increase diversity within the credit union community through advocacy and professional development."

AACUC Statement on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) recognizes the differences and distinctions of each individual, group, or organization that are represented in society and within the credit union movement.  In alignment with the AACUC’s history and goals, we define diversity in our mission to express the inclusion, advocacy, and support of African-Americans throughout the credit union community and at large. Notwithstanding, the AACUC welcomes the membership of all individuals, groups and organizations in furtherance of its mission to strengthen the global credit union movement. 

Our Mission

Calendar of Events
AACUC DEI Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals
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AACUC’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals offers a program that focuses on unification, education, conversations, and investments that will move the credit union movement into a future where diversity, equity, and inclusion can thrive.

The DEI Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals is designed to inspire and empower financial professionals to lead with a mindset of diversity, equity, and inclusion to better represent and serve the global communities for which we serve. The DEI Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals is a 5-week certificate program. Learning modules are led by expert speakers representing financial services, diversity, and human resources professionals.

Committed to Change - Leadership Must Dos

I recently had the opportunity to slow down just a bit and give some thought to what I admire about several of the leaders in our credit union movement. These leaders are probably names that come to mind for many, not just me. They are change agents, advocates, high achievers, diligent laborers and likely hold countless recognitions and honors from peers and the industry. I recognized that while I do marvel at how some high-profile individuals get stuff done, my personal list of remarkable leaders contains many individuals for reasons apart from their accomplishments.

What all the folks on my list had in common, besides my respect and admiration, was very interesting to me. 

Read AACUC President/CEO Renée Sattiewhite's full article to learn her Leadership Must Dos.