The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) was created to increase the strength of the global credit union community.  We are a non-profit organization of African-American professionals and volunteers in the credit union industry.

Our Mission

"To increase diversity within the credit

union community through advocacy

and professional development."


AACUC Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) recognizes the differences and distinctions of each individual, group, or organization that are represented in society and within the credit union movement.  In alignment with the AACUC’s history and goals, we define diversity in our mission to express the inclusion, advocacy, and support of African-Americans throughout the credit union community and at large.   Notwithstanding, the AACUC welcomes the membership of all individuals, groups and organizations in furtherance of its mission to strengthen the global credit union movement. 

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The CU 2.0 Podcast 157
DEI Doubleheader
Emma Norman (Local Government FCU and AACUC)
and Lynn Heckler (PSCU) DEI 2021 3





Welcome to the CU2.0 doubleheader podcast where you will hear two perspectives on DEI and the industry. 

"We are stronger together." That is what Emma Norman, director of learning and development at Local Government Federal Credit Union and also chief diversity officer at the African American Credit Union Coalition, has to say when asked why LGFCU is all in when it comes to supporting the Credit Union DEI Collective.

She adds that what she tells credit unions is that "DEI has to be part of your strategy."

Think on that.  DEI - diversity, equity and inclusion, a movement that gained force in the past year as evidence multiplied that the United States is a country with deep, lingering racial divides - just maybe is a whole lot more than a nice to do.

"DEI is a business imperative," said Lynn Heckler, chief talent officer at PSCU. Her point: the credit unions and allied companies that want longterm success will be very sure they look much like their communities and across America those communities are increasingly diverse.

This is a wide ranging podcast, with two very different voices and perspectives but the two women agree on this: DEI is a real, important concern.

Local Government FCU of course is a powerhouse. Its assets exceed $3 billion.

PSCU is the nation's leading payments CUSO - it supports 1500 credit unions and their many billions of payments annually.

These are two important institutions - and that is why it matters that they are saying DEI is real and it is real  for any business.

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