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Membership Benefits

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Membership Matters!

AACUC is the place to be celebrated, seen, heard and ultimately be yourself! From honoring credit union legends to nurturing emerging leaders, there's a place for you at AACUC. Difference is welcome and impact is expected. Whether you're looking to plug into a new network or learn some new skills, we invite you to be part of something greater.

Why join the AACUC?

AACUC supports programs that offer benefits for African-American and diverse credit union professionals and volunteers, credit unions, and credit union vendor partners. Affiliation with AACUC offers a unique opportunity to influence and shape the credit union movement and its governmental affairs while building skills, deepening core competencies and expanding personal networks. AACUC promotes personal and professional growth of its members through programs, events and volunteering and leadership opportunities.

AACUC's purpose for its members is to:

  • Develop credit union leaders by offering professional development
  • Deliver educational and networking opportunities with colleagues from across the country during our webinars, events and our Annual Conference
  • Enable credit unions to become more diverse and inclusive
  • Deepen individuals’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) core competency
  • Advocate legislation and issues for our members
  • Support small credit unions
Member Benefits infographic

AACUC Membership FAQs