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AACUC African American Credit Union Hall of Fame

Our Mission

The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) was created to increase the strength of the global credit union community. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization of African-American professionals and volunteers in the credit union industry.

The AACUC Hall of Fame website is a way to raise funds for the organization to continue its mission and to identify African Americans and other minorities instrumental in making changes in our communities.

Individuals of the credit union industry are honored by their peers for their distinguished contributions to the credit union community. The 2024 Hall of Fame inductions include five (5) credit union notables:

2024 HOF Inductees Collage

Charles Alston, Sr.

Pier Alsup

Tim Anderson

A. "Paddy" A. Bailey

Anthony P. Bailey

Jim Blaine

Sandra DeVoe Bland

Gloria Bowden

Herbert Bowmana

Marshall Boutwell

John Bratsakis

Dawn White Brewer

Rosemary Brinkley

Carolyn Adele Brooks

Gerald S. Brooks

Willie Bryant, DDS

William "Bill" Bynum

Robert Coleman

Dr. Birdex Copeland, Jr.

Pete Crear

Maurice Dawkins

Carla Decker

Isaac B. Dickson, Jr.

Melinda Edmunds

Melvin R. Edwards

Delores Glover

Anthony R. Grant

Michael Hale

Clarence Hall, Jr.

Bob Harvey

Bert J. Hash, Jr.

Rita Haynes

Todd Harper

Pamelya Herndon

Rodney E. Hood

Hubert H. Hoosman, Jr.

Senator Robert Jackson

Shirley Jenkins

Adrian S. Johnson

Lois Kitsch

Tony Kitt

Don Lewis

Andre Lucas

Karen Madry

Cathie Mahon

Marsha Majors

Dan McCue

Janet McDonald

Mike Mercer

Sheilah Montgomery

Albert Maurice Moody

Jackie Moore

Joan Nelson

Gary A. Officer

George Ombado

Pamela Owens

Peggy Peacock

John Pembroke

William "Bill" Porter

Ed Presnell

Lillian Priest

Goldie Randale

Michael Ray

Clifford N. Rosenthal

Victor F. Russell

Louisianna Sanders

Larry D. Sewell

Lynette Smith

Maurice R. Smith

Barbara Stephens

Anthony Taylor

Robert "Bob" Trunzo

Donald Tynes, Sr.

Annie Wilma Vamper

Robert L. Watson, Sr.

Herman Williams