AACUC Texas Regional Chapter

About the AACUC Texas Regional Chapter

The Texas Regional Chapter of the AACUC was founded in 2021 and serves professionals and volunteers in the credit union community who support the overall mission, goals, and objectives of the AACUC. The regional chapter was created to provide networking, community involvement and career/leadership development opportunities for the regional members. The Texas Regional Chapter also acts as an agent on behalf of the national association by recruiting new members who will help to increase the strength of the regional, national and global credit union movement. 

The Texas Regional Chapter will provide information to and from the national AACUC association and promote the exchange of ideas and educational programs to its members. 

AACUC Texas Regional Chapter Officers 


Delana Bolen

VP Sales and Support

Cornerstone Resources

Vice President

Malcom René


Houston Metropolitan FCU


Vashyon Jackson

AVP/Branch Manager, Randolph Brooks FCU 


Tony Black

President/CEO of BCM Federal Credit Union 


Carolyn Jordan

SVP, Remote Services and Member Development, Neighborhood CU 

Member Organizations

  • America's Credit Union

  • Austin Telco Federal Credit Union

  • Auto Exam/Vision Warranty Corp

  • Baylor College of Medicine Federal Credit Union

  • Cornerstone Credit Union League

  • Faith Cooperative Federal Credit Union

  • Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union

  • Impact Focus

  • Lender's Protection LLC - Open Lending

  • Lifetime Federal Credit Union

  • Neighborhood Credit Union

TEXAS Chapter Map -Blue.png
  • Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

  • Resource One Credit Union

  • Shell Federal Credit Union

  • Sprinkle LLC

  • Teachers Federal Credit Union - El Paso Area

  • Texas Trust Credit Union

  • UNIFY Financial Credit Union

  • University Federal Credit Union

  • University of Virginia Community Credit Union

  • Yourcause, LLC