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August 16, 2021, SNELLVILLE, GA – The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC), inducted four credit union leaders into its Hall of Fame at the Virtual Induction on Monday, August 16, 2021.  The 2021 honorees are: Pier Alsup, Dawn Brewer, Dan McCue and William "Bill" Porter.


  • Pier Yvette Alsup is the Chief Diversity,  Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Officer for  Together Credit Union (formally,  Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit  Union). In March 2021, Pier celebrated  her 31st anniversary with the Credit  Union. As Chief DEI Officer, Pier leads  the Credit Union’s commitment to an  equitable, inclusive work environment  where diversity is celebrated, valued, and  enriches personal and organizational  growth. She is responsible for designing  initiatives to identify inequities within the  organization, fostering an inclusive and  engaging culture, and developing and  facilitating learning opportunities.

  • Dawn Brewer says that service is woven into  her DNA. For her, that means making a  positive difference in whatever she does.  She has been in financial services for 30+  years. She is an avid volunteer for multiple  organizations and churches. She began her  career with a small community bank in  Burlington, NJ, and went on to work for other  financial institutions before relocating to  Atlanta and starting a 21-year career at Coca-
    a teller, worked in Cola Credit Union. Dawn began as various departments and  rose to VP of Marketing consistently winning  awards and accolades before retiring in 2017.


  • Dan joined Alaska USA Federal Credit Union in  2009. As Senior Vice President of Corporate  Relations, he oversees government and public  relations, community involvement and  engagement, financial education programs and  serves as Executive Director of the Alaska USA  Foundation. He achieved his Credit Union  Development Education program designation in  September 2019.  Dan is also committed to his work with non-profit  organizations, focusing on further establishing  ways to benefit the communities Alaska USA  serves through fundraising efforts and membership  development. Additionally, Dan assists with  financial education efforts for children, teens, and  young adults, helping to develop a lifetime of  financial literacy.

  • William “Bill” Porter joined Municipal  Credit Union (MCU) in 1981 when the  New York State Banking Department hired  him to revitalize what was then an  organization on the brink of extinction. At  the time, MCU had only one branch in  downtown Manhattan, 100 employees and a  shrinking asset base of $90 million. Bill  began to rebuild the credit union into a  service-driven enterprise.  Upon his retirement in 2007, MCU had 14  branches, over 500 employees serving 300,000 members, an extensive network of ATMs and $1.3 billion in  assets.


About the African American Credit Union Hall of Fame History
On October 16, 2008, the AACUC unveiled an exhibit featuring African Americans in the credit union movement the first 100 years at the America’s Credit Union Museum in Manchester, N.H.  Continuing with that effort, the Funding Development Committee created the African American Credit Union Hall of Fame.  This virtual hall of fame was created to accomplish two goals: One, to honor and recognize African Americans who have and are contributing to the credit union movement--many who are unsung heroes and trailblazers.  To be inducted you must have accomplished or achieved the following:  1) provided in excess of 10 years of service in the credit union industry; 2) worked to provide financial services for people in general; and 3) identify at least four significant accomplishments, which benefited African-Americans’ access to financial capital.

The second goal was to be a consistent source of income for the AACUC through sponsorship opportunities on the website.  For instance, there are two trailblazer submissions available included with membership with the AACUC at the organizational level.  Additional trailblazer submissions are $250.  It is a great way to recognize your African-American peers, co-workers and colleagues who have made contributions locally. Hall of Fame inductees typically are sponsored by the credit union or a vendor that the inductee worked with for $1,500.

Visit the African American Credit Union Hall of Fame

The African American Credit Union Hall of Fame is a website that fosters fundraising efforts for the AACUC to continue its mission and to identify African Americans instrumental in making changes in our communities. To learn more, visit the African American Credit Union Hall of Fame website!