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Internship Program

The African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) is sponsoring an exciting Internship Program for college juniors and senior. The AACUC was created to increase the global credit union movement’s strength by adding the focused perspective and energy of credit union volunteers and professionals of minority descent. 

The AACUC has developed this Internship program to promote awareness and opportunities for minority students attending colleges and universities of the benefits of working in a credit union environment. We are seeking students majoring in Business, Finance, Accounting, Marketing or Computer Science, that currently hold a minimum of a C+ average. The rate of pay is determined by the region. The internships will last 8 – 10 weeks during the Summer.


Features and Benefits:

The students that participate in this program will glean practical experience in a variety of ways that will enhance their ability to market themselves upon graduation. You will form relationships that will benefit you professionally and personally. You will learn various aspects of the inner workings of credit unions (i.e., loans, deposits, investing and marketing). It is the goal of this program that the students will gain enough practical experience within a credit union that they will be able to apply for management and other staff positions in credit unions after graduation.


Students in this program will have access to:

• Mentoring from high profile seasoned credit union professionals
• Exposure to different management techniques
• Information on the credit union movement and the benefits for African Americans
• Information on career progression in the Credit Union Industry
• Opportunities for job placement after graduation


To qualify as a student intern, students must meet one of the four following enrollment criteria:

• The student is currently enrolled as a full-time student as defined by the school, organization, or institution.
• The student must provide proof of enrollment upon hire.
• Proof of continued enrollment must be provided each semester during the regular school year.
• The student has been accepted into an educational institution that meets the above requirement, when between institutions (e.g., from high school to college).


Key Dates:

  • To Be Determined


All Internship Candidates must submit the following:

  • Completed Internship Application

  • 1 page narrative of why you want to participate in the program

  • Current Resume

  • Current Official Transcripts

  • A letter from a college official on your current status as an undergraduate

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