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AACUC Membership

Become a Member of the AACUC Today! 
Why join the AACUC?

AACUC supports programs that offer benefits for African-American and diverse credit union professionals and volunteers, credit unions, and credit union vendor partners. Affiliation with AACUC offers a unique opportunity to influence and shape the credit union movement and its governmental affairs. AACUC promotes personal and professional growth of its members.

The AACUC's purpose for its members is to: 
  • Advocate legislation and issues for our members

  • Develop credit union leaders by offering professional development and scholarships for professional development

  • Deliver educational and networking opportunities with colleagues from across the country during our webinars and our Annual Conference

  • Offer mentoring and technical assistance to member credit unions in need

  • Provide internship opportunities for juniors and seniors enrolled in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

  • Offer a minimum of three Pete Crear scholarships to juniors and seniors enrolled in an accredited HBCU

Who Can Join?

Credit union professionals, volunteers, credit unions, leagues, regulators, vendors and trade associations working in the credit union industry. 


Rewards of Membership

The tangible benefits of joining the AACUC membership include:

  • Regional Chapter membership included

  • Discounted rates for the AACUC Annual Conference

  • Member rates for AACUC events

  • Serve in AACUC leadership positions

  • Access to mentorship, internship, scholarship, and professional development programs

  • Discounts on resources offered by AACUC partners

  • Unlimited access to the AACUC Member Portal, an interactive website where members collaborate and communicate online

  • Voting rights in AACUC elections

  • Voting rights on AACUC bylaws amendments



Choose Your Payment Options

Online:  Complete the online Membership Application and submit your payment via credit card.

Mail:  Complete and download the Membership Application. Mail the application and payment to

AACUC, P.O. Box 392136, Snellville, GA  30039 





$250 - CEO/Senior Leadership

$175- Credit Union Staff /Student

$150 - Retiree

$250 - Vendor

$150 - Volunteer

$150 - Additional Member


(3 members included with each membership below)

 $2,650 - Corporations

 $2,000* - Credit Union Leagues  

 $2,650 Trade Associations

 $2,650 Vendors

*$500 will fund the ACUL Commitment to Change Scholarship


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