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Professional Development

AACUC offers multiple diverse programs for professionals to gain competencies and build personal networks. From learning strategies to be an effective board member to acquiring skills to progress to executive leadership, AACUC has a program to meet nearly every member need.

DEI Leadership Academy

DEI Leadership Academy for Financial Professionals is designed to inspire and empower financial professionals to lead with a mindset of diversity, equity, and inclusion to better represent and serve the global communities for which we serve. Learn more here.

BoardReady Training

BoardReady is a leadership development program that prepares rising professionals to be candidates for serving on a nonprofit board in their communities.

Our BoardReady Training Series is designed to help enhance leadership skills and prepare you to serve with impact on non-profit boards within your community. Learn more here.

AACUC’s mentorship program offers participants interaction with industry leaders and provides guidance on career opportunities and decisions along with a curriculum that is centered around professional development. Learn more here.

The Reaching Toward the Future Internship Program is tailored for college juniors and seniors. Developed to promote awareness among African-American students of the opportunities and benefits for working in a credit union environment, the program goal is that the students will gain enough practical experience within a credit union that they will be able to apply for management and other staff positions in credit unions upon graduation.

AACUC Connect is a job posting service to connect our credit union, vendor, and association partners with a diverse pool of candidates. AACUC Connect provides AACUC members with visibility into open positions across the country and within our network. More information on this program is available here.

Annual Conference

AACUC’s Annual Conference has been described as a family reunion. Members and non-members convene to connect, learn, and grow and leave inspired and empowered to drive change. Learn more here.

This scholarship awards qualifying individuals with financial assistance to aid in the pursuit of higher education. Individuals qualifying for these scholarships are professionals or volunteers and must be members of the African-American Credit Union Coalition. Interns participating in the AACUC’s Reaching Toward the Future Internship Program are eligible as well as any junior or senior enrolled in an accredited college or university.

There are two Commitment to Change Scholarships: one of the scholarships provides financial assistance to attend a certificate program offered by the Credit Union Leagues, CUNA or AACUC, and the other scholarship provides financial assistance for certificate programs outside of the credit union industry.


Check out our Resources page for vital information provided for the benefit of credit union professionals and AACUC members. It is our goal to provide key information that will further enhance and educate individuals in the realm of the financial industry.

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